Workers’ Compensation Practice Group

The Workers’ Compensation Practice Group at Kent/McBride is dedicated to the representation of self-insured companies and insurance carriers throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York.  Our client base is diverse including manufacturing, health care, transportation and the service industries.  The firm’s fast paced practice consists of nine attorneys working from five strategically located offices which affords the firm a regular presence in each of the legal venues, familiarity with local custom and practice, knowledge of area medical providers and the ability to earn the respect of colleagues, adversaries and decision makers.

Our success is based upon a thorough understanding of our client’s core business philosophies and a team approach to the handling of workers’ compensation matters involving their employees in a manner consistent with their operational principles.  Each individual matter is analyzed with regard to its impact on the client’s business globally.  In addition to thoroughly learning and understanding our clients’ business on the operational level, our attorneys take pride in familiarizing themselves with work place rules, regulations, collective bargaining agreements and benefit programs.  Clients are assisted in the development and implementation of cost saving measures such as light and transitional duty work programs, identification of the highest qualified medical personnel for both treatment and expert purposes, accident avoidance and education in the relevant state law and judicial and legislative developments.  We are pleased to be assisted in these efforts by Marie Daly, R.N., a nurse paralegal who previously gained extensive experience as a neurosurgical trauma nurse.

When the decision is made to litigate a case, we are in it to win it.  However, our attorneys are cognizant about the cost of claim defense as even the most optimal result carries significant expenses for our clients.  Cases are moved forward without delay and developments are communicated promptly and concisely.  Understanding that the goal of any successful workers’ compensation program is to minimize as much as possible the impact of work place injuries on the lives of our clients’ employees and the profitable operation of their business, we regularly consult with clients at the earliest stages of claims to assist in the avoidance of litigation which may not be necessary.

The attorneys in the Workers’ Compensation Practice Group welcome the opportunity to meet your needs.