Toxic and Mass Tort

With offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York, Kent/McBride  attorneys have defended virtually every type of party in this practice area, including manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, processors, contractors and property owners, on behalf of insurance carriers and self-insured entities.  Our experience in Toxic Tort matters includes cases involving exposure to benzene and other solvents, formaldehyde, sealants and adhesives containing xylene, toluene and hexane, lead and lead paint and carbon monoxide, among other substances.  These are typically serious injury claims, including cancers, blood disorders, sensitization, respiratory diseases and debilitating allergies entailing potentially significant damages, including pain and suffering, increased risk of cancer, fear of cancer, and hedonic damages (loss of life’s enjoyment). 

The Mass Tort matters handled include Asbestos, Silica, Mold, Flour Dust, DES, Cobalt (hard metal lung disease), Fen-Phen, Pedicle Screw, Carpet Litigation, and Latex Glove matters.  These matters cover a wide spectrum of alleged injuries, from minor respiratory and allergy claims to claims of serious muscular, orthopedic, neurological and blood disorders, as well as mesothelioma, lung and colon cancers.

Kent/McBride attorneys are skilled at handling the complex issues involved in these cases, including causation issues, epidemiological analysis and admissibility of scientific evidence.  In addition to trying numerous cases to verdict, we have handled several Daubert and Frye hearings, including the Daubert hearing which resulted in the Third Circuit Court Appeals decision in Heller v. Shaw Industries, a favorable decision which has had ramifications in this and other practice areas.  The firm has developed valuable technical and medical resources, including contacts with leading consultants and experts.  We have also created an infrastructure of dedicated paralegals, attorneys and office technology tailored to the effective administration of both mass tort and individual exposure cases.  This allows for focused management, less repetitive activity, and lower costs to our clients. 

We also have experience as national and/or regional counsel with respect to mass tort matters.  This experience has garnered the firm not only greater  proficiency in handling these claims, but also a reputation among the toxic and mass tort bench and bar that has proved to be invaluable.