Real Estate Law

The attorneys at Kent/McBride have extensive experience in representing property owners, managers, banks, mortgage companies, real estate brokers and individuals in a broad array of real estate and financial matters.  Our areas of expertise include handling land purchases, negotiating commercial leases, due diligence, and bank foreclosures (corporate and private), evictions and other landlord/tenant issues.

In addition, because we are a full service law firm, our real estate attorneys can easily draw upon the expertise of other attorneys in different departments to effectively deal with a variety of issues that regularly arise in real estate transactions.

Additionally, as a firm with strong history based in litigation, the attorneys at Kent/McBride are effective advocates in disputes concerning commercial leases, construction contracts and agreements for the purchase and sale of real estate. At Kent/McBride, our focus is on the client.  We ensure that our resources are efficiently utilized to provide the highest quality representation to each and every client.