Product Liability

Kent/McBride, P.C. has a team of lawyers with a wealth of experience in defending products liability actions in claims for both personal injury and property damage.  Through the years, Kent/McBride has defended suits involving a wide range of products, including products utilized in the manufacturing, medical and lighting industries, as well as numerous other consumer products. Our team of lawyers has developed an in depth knowledge of the unique legal issues that are pertinent to this area of the law and has the intellect to understand the complexities of the products we are charged with defending.

A mini sampling of achievements in this area of law include representation of the carpet industry in a products liability claim alleging that carpet was defective by virtue of its propensities for off gassing.  These claims were successfully defeated by Daubert challenge and made front page news in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Our firm has represented, and continues to represent, several clients whose products contain asbestos materials, benzene, and various other forms of products purportedly emitting various toxins. 

In addition, we have served as National Counsel for several medical device clients and tried to verdict the only latex glove products liability claim brought against a distributor in the United States.  Finally, one of our attorneys achieved a defense verdict in a five month jury trial involving claims against the manufacturer of air purifying devices.

This exemplar of our experience in the area of products liability underscores our commitment to remaining on the cutting edge of developing law and innovative trial strategies.