Premises Liability

From the largest commercial premises to the smallest private residences, Kent/McBride attorneys are experienced and well versed in handling personal injury claims brought against land owners/managers and those companies providing services to them.  A cross section of the firm’s client roster in this practice area includes regional and national supermarket and restaurant chains, shopping centers, local and regional landscape and snow removal contractors, property management companies, and a host of insurance carriers insuring individual commercial proprietors and private homeowners. 

Our experience allows us to quickly and carefully assess each case’s needs and chart a course accordingly, whether the individual matter calls for extensive investigation, discovery, expert work and trial, or positioning the case for a quick and cost-effective resolution.  Our familiarity with these types of cases also has fostered excellent working relationships with various liability consultants in this field. 

The wealth of knowledge that the firm has developed over time permits us to bring to bear all resources, internal and external to bring about a successful resolution to these matters. Additionally, the firm is experienced in counseling its clients on proactive steps to eliminate potential litigation.