Liquidation and Representative Matters

K/M’s attorneys have served as Liquidation Management counsel, overseeing the identification, quantification, preservation, maintenance and ultimate sale of a defaulted debtors’ assets. National Financial Institutions rely on K/M’s counsel’s experience to conduct an orderly wind-down of the debtor’s business in order to maximize the financial institution’s revenue recovery in the most efficient and expedient manner.

Specific to the highly-regulated casino gaming industry, K/M’s interdisciplinary approach brings to bear our experience in that industry to allow for the sale of both gaming and non-gaming related assets so that the liquidation is done in full compliance with all applicable gaming regulations having jurisdiction over the debtors. The sale of assets included gaming machines, patent portfolio, trademark portfolio, office furniture, motor vehicles, computer equipment and warehouse equipment. K/M attorneys are well versed in working with gaming regulators in numerous jurisdictions, and this broad experience allows us to address assets country-wide, thus, effectuating a prompt and efficient resolution for the client, in full compliance with all applicable gaming regulations.