Life Sciences

Few industries are as dynamic and growing as the life sciences, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. As these industries evolve, protracted litigation becomes a cost of doing business. When involved in such complex litigation, companies in need have come to rely on Kent/McBride.

Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help our clients analyze and assess the risks of litigation as well as the strengths, weaknesses and costs of defending each individual case. Working closely with our clients, decisions are made with respect to whether matters should be postured for early resolution, or for litigation. Our attorneys have developed an understanding the background of these regulated industries and the purpose of life-saving medicines and devices. In the event that trial is necessary, this experience allows us to formulate an effective litigation and trial strategy, and also implement it where it counts, in the courtroom.

Kent/McBride lawyers have served as national, regional and local counsel for companies within these industries and a small and recent sampling of the matters handled includes: