Health Care Practice

As times have changed, all aspects of the Health Care Industry in the United States has had to evolve, and endure numerous obstacles, not the least of which is litigation and the threat of potential litigation.  Kent/McBride represents hospitals, physicians, nurses, long-term care facilities and other health care professionals in the highly volatile arena of professional malpractice claims.  We have also represented hospitals and health care facilities with respect to premises liability claims. 

Kent/McBride attorneys have handles cases ranging from retained device/instrument cases to failure to diagnose cancer cases to high profile birth defect cases.  In addition, our attorneys have been involved with nationwide litigation matters including pedicle screw, breast implant, latex glove and pharmaceutical matters.  We have successfully tried cases in both Federal and State Courts.

We understand and appreciate the sensitive nature of these claims and the impact that they could have on the health care industry in any given area.  The highly experienced attorneys at Kent/McBride work with our clients to determine as early as possible the best approach to a case, whether that entails pursuing early resolution, mediation or trial.  This cooperative and thoughtful method ensures that cases are being handled with the best interests of our clients in mind, and in the most efficient manner possible.

Aside from handling liability matters, Kent/McBride regularly counsels it clients on non-litigation matters including peer review matters and risk prevention and risk management issues.  We also involve other attorneys within the firm on such issues facing our health care clients such as employment and business issues.  At Kent/McBride we strive to assist our clients with all their needs with responsiveness and service our primary concern.