Employment Law

The myriad State and Federal Laws pertinent to the employer-employee relationship can be staggering.  Additionally, employment-related litigation can be costly, time consuming and disruptive to ones business and personal life. 

Therefore, Kent/McBride employment attorneys believe the most efficient way to serve its employer-clients is to have a proactive, rather than reactive, approach.  With their unique experience and training, attorneys are prepared to counsel, educate and advise employers on how to comply with the numerous federal laws and regulations including Title VII, FLSA, FMLA, ADA and other pertinent federal, state and local employment laws and regulations.  Services provided by Kent/McBride include, but are not limited to, review and preparation of employee handbooks and policies; wage and hour compliance audits; seminars and other compliance training.

If, however, a proactive approach is no longer an option, Kent/McBride employment attorneys are prepared to handle employment matters in any number of litigation arenas.  The firm represents defendants in litigation of employment-related matters in State and Federal Courts, as well as in proceedings pending in the various State and Federal Administrative agencies.  These litigated claims include wrongful termination, discrimination/hostile workplace suits, wage and hour claims, as well as a host of other employment-related disputes.

Whether it is in the proactive or counseling mode, or in the litigation arena, Kent/McBride works with its clients to achieve the most efficient, cost-effective and successful solution.