Construction Defect + Accident Claims

Kent/McBride, P.C. handles construction defect litigation and accident claims for insurance carriers and self-insured clients in State and Federal courts in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware. The matters range from arbitration level cases to lawsuits involving serious personal injuries or multimillion dollar property damage claims.

The firm represents companies and contractors of all types, including HVAC, sheet metal workers, electricians, plumbers, laborers, wrecking and demolition companies, general contractors, architects and engineers, scaffolding manufacturers, heavy equipment manufacturers, roofers, tiling contractors, painters/plasterers, and door and window contractors among others. As to both construction site accident and construction defect cases, a small sampling of the matters that the firm has handled in the past include cases involving EIFS installation, roofing material and installation, heavy equipment failure, scaffolding defects, electrical accidents, safety equipment failure, construction vehicle accidents, defective electrical and mechanical design, defective HVAC systems, improper guarding, improper supervision, design defect, fire loss, and crane accidents.

The firm has also handled latent personal injury claims involving sick building syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity and mold claims, among other similar types of matters. In addition, the firm has handled matters involving property damage claims ranging from individual property owner suits to multiparty and class action suits involving entire real estate developments.

Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to work cooperatively with our clients to help them analyze and assess the risks of litigation as well as the strengths, weaknesses and costs of defending each individual case. Working closely together, decisions are made with respect to whether matters should be postured for early resolution, or for litigation. Potential problem areas are identified, defined and addressed at the earliest possible opportunity so as to minimize their effect on the ultimate outcome of each case. Our experience in this area has made our attorneys conversant with regard to the construction process, much to the benefit of our clients.

Additionally, our attorneys have worked closely with expert consultants in all relevant fields, both technical and medical. This allows us to conduct discovery that will provide the consultants with a foundation from which they can effectively assist us.

Whether the issue is a personal injury, or a property damage suit, large or small, Kent/McBride has the experience, vision and capability to assess the matter, and execute a successful game plan to address it.