Casino and Gaming Law

The proliferation of casino, racetrack and online gaming has created a minefield of issues for gaming operators, gaming equipment manufacturers and distributors and other vendors to the gaming industry. K/M’s attorneys have the experience to handle the licensing and gaming regulatory compliance matters that arise in jurisdictions throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. The matters that K/M’s gaming counsel have handled includes; gaming device submissions and approvals, entity and individual licensing, as well as defense of clients charged with regulatory violations or other disciplinary matters. In addition, K/M’s gaming counsel are well-versed in the negotiation of exclusive distribution agreements, intellectual property license agreements and settlement agreements relating to significant commercial disputes between companies and third party vendors.

In addition to having the expertise to address fully all of the issues associated with the licensing and regulation of legalized gambling, K/M’s interdisciplinary approach and diverse practice abilities allow us to fully service gaming operators’ needs. Our counsel routinely provide representation relative to general corporate issues, employment practices and benefits law, worker’s compensation and commercial proprietor’s liability matters, including improper security claims, slip and fall injury matters, foodborne illness claims and the like.

In short, any of the issues that challenge a gaming operator, gaming equipment manufacturer or distributor, licensor/licensee, or vendor to the gaming industry can be met and addressed efficiently and effectively by K/M attorneys.