Our clients benefit from the talent of our people, the breadth of our expertise, and the teamwork we employ in responding to their needs. We provide personal service, the hallmarks of which are excellence, efficiency and value.

John F. Kent
Denis P. McBride
Kevin G. Dronson
Anne M. Manero
Jay D. Branderbit
Jack T. Ribble Jr.
John P. Shea
David C. Malatesta, Jr.
Thomas McCormick
Stephen V. McHugh
Christopher D. Devanny
Theresa M. Mullaney
Brenton C. Owens
Kyle F. Colin

Diana R. Brocco-Bobb
Thomas J. Carney
Brittany N. Citro
Danielle M. Conroy
George F. Dale
Marc A. Deitch
Bernadette A. Dronson
Tyler J. Dunphy
Debra S. Fascia
Marcus P. Ferreira
Lance S. Forbes
Matthew C. Forys
Joseph G. Grady
Caitlin A. Harley
Sean P. Hart
Lori S. Klinger
Paraskevi (Eve) K. Kokolis
Jessica L. Lentini
Gregory Matarrese
Christopher W. McMullin
Kelly C. Scheese
Samantha Spinelli
D. Andrew Walheim
Jon F. Winter